Outdoor LED Video Wall Rentals

welcome to our Blog Outdoor LED Video Walls Interested in renting or purchasing an LED Video Wall? Speak to an Expert Outdoor video walls have a larger pixel pitch and a lower resolution compared to their indoor counterparts as there is usually an increased viewing distance.   As technology improves, resolution gets better and more useful […]

Indoor LED Video Walls

Indoor walls are typically made with ultra-narrow and extreme-narrow bezel widths, meaning that the images that they display will be incredibly crisp to anyone standing up close.

What is an LED Video Wall?

RGB smd LED lights, video wall Screen Surface background

You’ve almost certainly seen LED Video screen walls in many locations, ranging from museums to TV studios to special events. For those of us who live in major cities, they’re a part of our daily lives, put in place to elicit excitement and wonder for when we gaze upon them.